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Current products by Camilion and standard pricing

We present to you our standard pricing, take into account that we will prepare a bid that addresses your needs better.

All listed prices are excluding VAT.

AttMan for AutoCAD and Excel

Price: 400€ / user / year

Editor for blocks with text attributes in DWG's from Excel.

PlotMan for AutoCAD

Price: 50€ / user / year

Bulk PDF generator from one or more DWG files.

RefMan for AutoCAD

Price: 200€ / user / year

External reference manager for CAD.

Camilion pdf2img for Windows

Price: 50€ / user / year

Bulk JPEG generator from one or more PDF files.

Future products by Camilion

PSED for Civil3D

Property Set BIM Editor for Civil3D®.

LeGen for Revit

Automatic Legend Generator and updater for Revit®.

SectionCreator for Revit

Create sections with just one click of any surface in Revit®.

3DMeasure for Revit

Take measure in 3D from inside Revit®.

Custom products or integrations

Besides the products offered, we can also design and implement custom products that help you with your activity.

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